Level Larry

Here you will find some information about Level Larry and privacy.

General Information:

Members get 20 XP every 10 minutes when they are in Voice channels.

If members are active in the chat, they also get 10 xp per 300 characters.

The well-designed top list can be accessed with .top

Members can retrieve their own XP with .xp and retrieve others’ XP with .xp_from @mention

The bot is easy to use well designed and reliable

The bot does not need admin permissions it only needs to have access to the voice and text channels so that xp can be distributed.

I have invested a lot of time in the bot and have done my best and hope that the bot is useful 🙂


We only store the user ids in order to assign the Xp statuses, all other data is only stored in the  RAM for a short period of time. We store this data in order to be able to correctly allocate the Xp statuses to the users. We store the data until the user uses the command to request the deletion of his data.

Can i get my data deleted?

YES! The user can use the command .deletemydata to have his data deleted immediately. This process must then be confirmed by repeating the command. The bot also informs him of this. This process is completely automated and should not cause any waiting time.

Is my data Secure?

YES! we do not share data with third parties. All data is stored on our local server and therefore protected.

Contact me if you have problems with the bot or its security:

Email: [email protected] or [email protected]

Discord: Spaffel#0581

If I do not answer quickly enough, you can also contact:

Discord: Bjarncraft#6635